Saturday, May 7, 2011

Rains...Thoughts...and a coffee cup.....

It is raining outside...
Tisn't the blinding downpour
That momentarily sequesters time
Into a blurred , overexposed reel
Sandwiched between two frames of coherence.
Tis rather a restrained lullaby....
Soaking and dripping through the dry soil,
And percolating right into the heart.
Smells of the coy,virgin earth secretly eloping
With the heroic gallance of the reckless winds.
Lingering just long enough to be felt
And then dissolving and melting into dreams....
Dreams that adorn a painter's palette
Right on the edge of the paintbrush
Smudged, overlapped, merged and disjoint
Losing identity to gain a whole new meaning...
Falling drops that gently remind
Of simmering love and shimmering hope,
As the Prince continues his desperate search
For the blue-eyed girl in little glass slippers....
And thoughts get brewed on the coffee froth
As time decides to ponder.
The frosty pane relates a million tales
Through the fingertips of a dreamlost child....
The gloominess outside inspires
A moment to pause, an eternity to feel
As tears of metal dissolves the rouge
Revealing the hideous gash hidden within...
But they say the rain cleanses everything away
And forget we must and we will
Coz there's currents ahead for the sailing paper boat
And a helping hand is what it needs.....


  1. Nicely done, it has the right flow. You might want to look into some choice of words though. The central idea comes out well.

  2. awesome word selection.. i must say!!! shabash!!! keep it up!! and keep it going!!! want to read more of such masterpieces!!

  3. Rain.. thoughts... n a cup fo coffee, must say the combination of these three has been experienced n felt by very few... this moment takes u deep into memories left behind... brings back all the visuals of the close to the heart moments... if it is felt you r dragged into an eternal pleasure. Its a feeling i have felt many times n even a small duration of this moment also leaves an impact on you for many days... i wish this could be felt by everyone... this is a feeling if felt will make you realize, forgive , forget, n will open your arms for every little feeling...

    a great job, could relate to this more cause have been into this before many times...